International Wine Buyer

We purchase rare and vintage wines, champagnes and spirits, from single bottles to complete cellars. If you are considering selling any of your cherished collection then please contact Peter Ballantyne first for a quote

Why choose Peter Ballantyne Associates

Peter Ballantyne Associates deal in the finest and rarest wines, champagnes and spirits. If you are interested in selling your cherished bottles of vintage wine or that investment case of champagne, or indeed require a quotation of you complete cellar contents then Peter Ballantyne Associates can offer you a simple, hassle free service ensuring you sell at the maximum market value.

As a long standing wine broker Peter Ballantyne has a database of thousands of potential buyers willing to pay top prices for quality products. We will initially appraise your wine and upon agreeing a price we will offer it to thousands of international buyes. All we ask in return is a commission as low as 10 percent of the sale price - saving you substantial money when compared to auctioneers fees.

  • Bottle Wine
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    Single Bottles
    If you are considering selling a single bottle of your cherished wine then contact us now for a free appraisal.
  • Case of Wine
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    We can sell your cases of vintage wines and champagnes at a fraction of auctioneers commission prices.
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    We have thousands of customers waiting to purchase your cherished whiskies and cognacs at top prices.
  • Cellar Stock
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    Cellar Stock
    If you are considering selling the contents of your wine cellar then contact Peter Ballantyne Associates.
  • Port
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    Invest in Wine
    We offer consultancy on investment wines or expert advice on stocking a range of quality wines for your cellar.
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    We are able to offer advice on a consultancy basis for all of your wine, champagne and spirit requirements.

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